News from SKA High School for Girls

June 10, 2005

3 Sivan 5765

Parshat Naso
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Color War Moadiah 2005!

Color War Moadiah 2005 was a blast! There were tons of fun activities outside in the beautiful weather. We had rock climbing, softball, a blow-up maze, shaky ladders and volleyball. Indoor activities were amazing as well. From musical chairs to decorations to frantic team-time preparations, the excitement in the air was palpable. The combined Divrei Torah of all the grades showed the great sportsmanship all the teams had. All the banners, cheers, dances and skits were amazing and so much fun to watch. The Seniors won, and even made the judges cry, and the Freshman were great and came in second! All the grades had so much fun and we can't wait for another amazing Color War next year.

Juniors Experience the Discovery Seminar!

"Hi my name is Rabbi Mechanic, my father's name is not auto, nor do I fix cars." These were the words that the 11th grade was greeted with on Tuesday morning, May 24th. They were followed by two and a half hours of mind-boggling information given by such a charismatic person, we sat silent and riveted. Rabbi Mechanic started off by telling us about Hollywood stars and how interested they were in Judaism. This came to many of us as a shock. Superstars, who could have anything and everything, want what we have - Torah. We were astounded. Story followed story, making us laugh and making us think. Then we were asked "simple" questions which made us examine how much we really knew. Most of us think we know the basics, but if we are confronted on a college campus or elsewhere by someone unaffiliated or questioning, would we, Yeshiva high schools students, really have the answers? We feel lucky to have attended Rabbi Mechanic's Discovery Seminar which armed us with renewed appreciation for our connection to Torah.

11th Grade Scavenger Hunt

On Thursday night, Lag Baomer, the Juniors organized and took part in a fun-filled evening. It was a pretty spontaneous event, and despite a test the next day, many attended. That day, Jackie Ostreicher, Naomi Kramer and Megan Leifer prepared a scavenger hunt with interesting clues, requiring us to run up and down Central Avenue for an hour. It was pretty strenuous, but fun at the same time. We met up in Cedarhurst Park after school, where we split into our respective groups, designated by colors, and each group received a different clue. We ran to and from stores like Ezra Pharmacy, E- licious, Dave's Pizza, CVS, Pizza Professor, Morton's, King David, etc., all accompanied by clever, funny clues which led us to the next location. There were 13 clues in all. The winners were the Yellow and Blue teams which tied!! After the scavenger hunt, we made our way back to Rikki Schonbrun's house, where we enjoyed pizza, soda and a lot of snacks (after all that running, we needed to fill up)! We heard a meaningful Dvar Torah from our amazing grade level advisor, Miss Fragin. When the clock hit 8:45, everyone went outside for dancing and MUSIC!!! An amazing (and tiring!) time was had by all. Thank you to everyone who helped put this fun-filled evening together, especially Miss Fragin, for getting the food and for laughing while watching us run up and down Central Avenue. Special thanks to the Schonbruns for hosting us.

Rabbi and Mrs. Rothman on the birth of a baby boy, Dovid Refael.

Rabbi and Mrs. Lew on the birth of a baby boy

Rachelle Weinstein Goller '00 on the birth of a baby boy, Yehuda Leib

Adina Openden Zehavi '00 on the birth of a baby boy, Uriel

Chaya Sarah Markovitz '00 on her marriage to Aaron Rabi

Faygie Shindler '04 on her engagement to Shaya Lloyd

Chaya Levovitz '00 on her engagement to Dov Berkovitz

Rachel Simpser '02 on her engagement to Dovid Sussman

Aliza Holzer '02 on her engagement to David Stern


Condlences to:

Mrs. Joan Sherman on the loss of her father.

Mrs. Phyllis Bowe on the loss of her mother.

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A Message from Mrs. Spirn

It's hard to believe that we are in the midst of finals and Regents exams begin next Thursday! Our students are studying hard and I have confidence that they will be matzliach, iy"h.

What an experience it was to march with SKA at last Sunday's Salute to Israel Parade. The ruach and achdut of the girls were outstanding as were their positive feelings for and commitments to Medinat Yisrael.

Mazal Tov to our Senior Class who completed their Work Study experience. It was a zchut to pay tribute to each of our 61 graduates at this year's Senior Night on Monday evening. The Seniors had a grand time on their Senior Trip to New Hampshire. We look forward to celebrating their graduation on Sunday, June 19th.

Special hakarat hatov to Mrs. Kaminetsky and Mrs. Feinberg who will be hosting a Tikkun Leyl Shavuot at their homes for Seniors and Juniors respectively. I personally look forward to welcoming Sophomores and Freshmen to my home for our Tikun Layl Shavuot, iy"h. Special thanks to Jordana Wittmann and family who stepped in to host our Freshman Seudat Shlishit when we needed a location change.

May we be zocheh to feel the chashivut of Z'man Matan Torateinu this Shavuot. May we all have a Shabbat Shalom and a Chag Sameach!

G.O./ Yearbook Elections

SKA is filled with the excitement of the upcoming year. On Tuesday, May 24th, the halls filled with posters and stickers as the candidates for G.O. 2006 began their campaign. The creativity and commitment was truly admirable. Each girl's talent was apparent as she delivered her speech on Wednesday. Through song, dance, costumes and rhyme, each girl told SKA how they would contribute to the G.O. Laughter permeated the air as the candidates presented their speeches. It was nearly impossible to vote because there were so many great choices! Congratulations to Sharon Tsadik (President), Jessica Cohen (Vice President), Lisa Ogorek (Secretary), Deena Klein (12th Grade Treasurer), Shayna Gottesman (11th Grade Treasurer) and Leora Hefter (10th Grade Treasurer). Special Mazel Tov to the G.O. 2006. We can't wait!!

On Thursday, May 26th, next year's Seniors headed into room 110 to elect their yearbook staff. Anticipation mounted as names were put on the board for possible editorships. The Juniors demonstrated "patience, maturity and quietness" as they carefully contemplated for whom to vote. It was difficult but exciting. Congratulations our editors-in-chief, Megan Leifer and Rebecca Simon, and to all the supporting editors who were elected.

Awards Ceremony

On May 31st, the Annual Year-End Assembly for the Tanach, Amalei Torah, Chesed and Midot awards took place at SKA. The Excellence in Tanach Award was presented to those who love Tanach, always contribute to the learning and excel in written classwork. Mazal Tov to 9th graders Elana Bindiger, Talia Fenster, Yael Leiderman, Elisheva Zinberg, 10th graders Nava Dworetsky, Simone Nussbaum, Ariella Schiff, Mindel Zomber and 11th graders Tara Eisen, Michal Jager, Naomi Kramer, Aviva Schiffmiller and Rebecca Simon.

The Amalei Torah awardees are those students who show a passion for Torah, participate and add to class discussions, and enhance learning. Mazal Tov to 9th graders Shani Gross, Tova Hagler, Leora Hefter, Lisa Heller, 10th graders Elisheva Goldstein, Tova Marell, Tziporah Leah Shapiro, Aliza Zombek and 11th graders Rivkie Bauer, Goldi Nissel, Ayelet Nussbaum, Lisa Ogorek and Nava Zinberg.

The Chesed Award, presented by Mrs. Storch, acknowledges those girls who go above and beyond the call of duty to perform chesed work whenever possible. Mazal Tov to 9th grader Julia Ellner, 10th grader Yardana Galler and 11th grader Mindi Werblowsky.

The Midot Award is the only peer-elected honor. It recognizes one girl in each class who the students feel is a wonderful role model and exemplifies midot tovot on a regular basis. Mazal Tov to 9th graders Avigayil Chesner, Temima Herzberg, Rebecca Krauss, 10th graders Mijal Bitton, Orly English, Sheva Odzer, Adina Seidenwar and 11th graders Kayli Gerson, Chaya Green, Devorah Mansdorf, Shani Siegel and Jordana Wertheimer.

Congratulations to all the awardees!

Lag Baomer

When it comes to celebration and ruach, SKA is the place to be. On Lag Baomer, SKA tried to imbue as much excitement as possible into the atmosphere. Upon arrival, music was blasting throughout the school, which pumped up everyone for the day to come. During 5th period, everyone was invited to the auditorium for a Lag Baomer treat of pizza and soda. Even though there was AMAZING musical entertainment, something was missing. However, the superb students of SKA quickly took charge of the situation. At first it was only Sophomores and Juniors in a small circle, but soon students from all grades came together dancing. Not in different circles, but all together in one large circle b'achdut; not just on Lag Baomer, a day that we celebrate the life of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, but also the second to last day of school. This Lag Baomer brought the school together, ending off an amazing year where each student has grown as a person and as a klal.

SKA Sweeps Writing Contests

Writing at Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls has always been an exciting adventure in self expression. This year, the students took their writing experience to new heights as they became involved in the process of writing for publication and won numerous local and national contests. The writers at SKA are on fire!!!

Ninth graders, under the direction of their English teacher, Mrs. Caroline Shenker, entered numerous contests and "captured the gold." Leora Niderberg was chosen as one of six finalists in the nationwide 14th Annual Kaplun Essay Contest. The topic of this highly competitive contest was "Jewish Values Help Make Me A Better Person." Leora, who will be in Israel with her family next year, won $750 and now goes on to the next level in the competition.

Poems written by Temima Herzberg, Emily Hirsch and Elisheva Zinberg were selected for publication by Creative Communications, Inc. in a contest which celebrates the works of talented young poets. In addition, Temima Herzberg's poem, "Water Drops," was selected for the top ten category. Elisheva Zinberg also won second place in the Jossi Berger Holocaust Study Center Essay and Poetry Contest sponsored by Emunah of America. Elisheva attended a special awards ceremony in Manhattan with her family and her essay is posted on Emunah's website at Finally, the poems of Chloe Goldschmidt and Lisa Heller were selected as winners in a contest sponsored by the Holocaust Memorial and Educational Center of Nassau County. Mrs. Shenker accompanied Chloe, Lisa and their families to the presentation of the awards on May 22nd at the Holocaust Center in Glen Cove.

Three eleventh graders who were chosen for publication in the poetry anthology sponsored by Creative Communications are Chaya Green, Jaclyn Ostreicher and Michelle Zomber. They have been studying literature and writing with Mrs. Manne this year.

Tzipora Leah Shapiro, who is in Mrs. Mirsky's tenth grade class, was the first place winner in the Nassau Region of the Hadassah Essay Contest. Her award winning essay was on "A Personal Jewish Moment: What Makes You Feel Like a Jewish American."

Finally, Tziporah Leah is a contributor to Fresh Ink, the teen supplement to the Jewish Week. She is joined in this endeavor by Atara Aeder, Danielle Lent, Smadar Sapir , also tenth graders. All have published articles in recent Fresh Ink supplements.

All SKA students, who continue to write in their classrooms, the computer center and at home, will eventually have the opportunity to take a course in Creative Writing as well as A.P. English Language and A.P. English Literature. Congratulations to the winners. Watch for future awardees as the SKA students "go to print!"

Salute to Israel Parade

Once again, it was our privilege to participate in the annual Salute to Israel Parade. On Sunday, June 5th, we were 300-strong as we sang, danced and marched up 5th Avenue. It was hot, but it was electrifying. Wearing beautiful T-shirts, designed by 11th grader Michelle Schwartz, and carrying beautiful props, courtesy of our wonderful art staff, the girls of SKA were a sight to see! A very special thanks to Mrs. Suzy Libin whose hard work and long hours made our banner, streamers and every detail absolutely wonderful.

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